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Customer Care

How to Order

-Through the website?
-By telephone?
-By mail?
Shipping Info

-Shipping Charges
-Shipping Methods
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-Damaged Items
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-Payment Methods
-Sales Tax
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Please Click Here to read our Customer Testimonials

How to Order

Through the website?  |  Through telephone contact?  |  By mail?  | 

1. Ordering through our website:
Online shopping is easy at ChristmasesPast.com.   When you see an item that you like just click the "Add to My Cart" button.   You can always remove the item later if you change your mind.   When you are ready to submit your order just click the "Check Out" button on the Shopping Cart page.   Our simplified order system will walk you through each step but, should you do encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-540-846-1772.

2. Ordering by telephone:
If you prefer to order by telephone, you can call our store at 1-540-846-1772.   If you prefer that we call you, please Email Your Order Info To Us. Please be sure to include the items that you are interested in, quantities, your name, shipping & billing addresses and phone number where we can reach you but please DO NOT SEND YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER THROUGH AN EMAIL.   We will prepare your order and phone you to obtain the credit card number.

3. Ordering by mail:
Because our store is closing and our products are reduced in price, we are not accepting mail orders.

Shipping Information

Shipping Charges  |  Shipping Methods  |  UPS Shipments  |  Post Office Shipments  |  Shipment Times

1. Shipping Charges:
All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Louisa, VA. Your shipping charge is based on the weight of the products that you purchase as well as the zone to which your order is being shipped. We compute your shipping after your order has been packed and weighed.   If you would like to know the shipping charge before placing your order, please Email Us and tell us which products you are interested in ordering as well as your zip code and we will email the shipping charge to you.   You can also select "Send Quote" as your shipping option on the order page and we will email the prices for UPS and USPS shipping to you. We will then await a return email from you with your preference before processing your order. Please check your spam folder. We can only hold the merchandise for 2 days after your quote has been sent. After 2 days, your order will be canceled.

2. Shipping Methods:
Our order page allows you to select your shipper of choice (UPS or USPS) as well as the speed which you would like to receive your order.   Once we have shipped your order via the shipper that you select, we are not responsible for UPS or USPS errors or delays.   (We do accept responsibility if the delay or mistake was ours.)

All orders are shipped insured and the shipper may require your signature. If you will not be at home, we are happy to ship to your business address. Please do not ask us to send the package with no signature required as this would void the insurance coverage. (Please note that, if your local UPS man normally leaves your packages without a signature, he will probably leave this one without a signature, too, as the local drivers seem to determine whether or not to enforce UPS's "signature required" regulation.)

We send tracking numbers for all shipemnts. Please track your order so that you will know when to expect it. Please check your mailbox for delivery attempt notices. The post office and UPS will return your shipment if it is unclaimed and we cannot refund your shipping charge. We send your tracking numbers so that you can track your package and are not responsible for the number of delivery attempts that UPS or USPS makes nor can we mediate between you and them.

All orders to post office boxes, APO's, FPO's, Alaska and Hawaii must ship via USPS.

2a. UPS Shipments:
UPS Logo
UPS nearly always charges less when shipping to commercial addresses vs. residential neighborhoods. We are happy to ship your order to your work address in order to save you a little money. Please be sure to enter the CORRECT BILLING ADDRESS (the address that your credit card statement goes to) in the BILLING field or your order will be dalayed if we have to contact you for this info.

You can select from Ground, 3-Day, 2-Day or Overnight Shipping.   In any case, we always ship your order insured and all UPS shipment delivery times are guaranteed**, even Ground, except in *adverse weather conditions."
Please click here to see a UPS Ground Time Shipping Chart.

** UPS GROUND SHIPPING times are not guaranteed for shipments scheduled to be DELIVERED from Dec. 11th thru Dec 31st. In order to have your shipment time guaranteed, UPS requires that you upgrade to 3-Day Select, 2-Day Air or Overnight Air. Obviously, if you are ordering early there is no need to expect that you should have to upgrade in order to get it there on time. Also, UPS does not guarantee ANY shipment to arrive in time for Christmas if shipped between Dec. 21st thru Dec. 23rd.

UPS Air shipping rates can be shockingly expensive, especially for large or heavy items and, if you need to have your order quickly, we encourage you to request a quote when you place your order. Just select "Send Quote" from the drop-list under shipping uptions and we will send you a quote and hold your order until you have approved the shipping charge.   Many times, folks request 1, 2 or 3 Day Shipping when regular Ground shipping will get it there in the same time and with the same guarantee.   If you would like to know how long regular UPS Ground Shipping will take, Click Here for a UPS Ground Shipping Time Chart.

Please note: If the charge for shipping exceeds the product total, we require your approval before shipping your order. To avoid delay in the shipment of your order, please be certain that you have listed your contact info correctly. Also, please check for email from us or for a phone message. The best way to contact us to check on your order is by email.

When you receive your shipping confirmation email from us, your UPS tracking number will be listed so that you can track your package and know when to expect it.

Please note that, if your package goes missing during the delivery process, UPS will issue a full refund for the products as well as the shipping charge. You must notify us to let us know that UPS tracking info states that the carton was delivered but you never received it. We will file a claim for you and UPS will initiate a 7 day investigation. If the carton has not been located within 7 days, a full refund will be given. If the carton shows up within the 7 day period and the delivery time was later than initially stated by UPS, they will refund your shipping charge. Please understand that UPS will not authorize us to ship a replacement to you at their expense, even if you paid for Next Day Air shipping, and we cannot do so at our expense, due to UPS's mistake. If you desperately have to have the item, and wish to have it reshipped, you must place a new order. If and when the original carton does turn up, and if you want to return it for a refund, shipping charges cannot be refunded.

*Adverse weather may void UPS' shipment time guarantee. Adverse weather pertains not only to the area where you live but also to the areas that UPS must go through to get your package to you. UPS does not re-route your package to avoid areas with bad weather so, in the event of bad weather, they simply allow your package to sit until the weather clears. This means that, if you have requested Next-Day-Air and, due to adverse weather, it takes 3 days for your package to be delivered, UPS will not issue a refund or even a price adjustment. Our responsibility is to ship your package as you request us to and we make no profit at all on shipping charges. We cannot refund shipping charges due to UPS' policies or mistakes that they make.

UPS Ground shipping to zones 1-4 on the chart is sometimes the most economical. If you live in zones 5 & 6 and need your package quicker, USPS 2-3 Day Priority is sometimes your best option for speed at a lower cost. This rule applies to small packages that weigh 1 pound or less. Heavier packages are usually less expensive if shipped by UPS.

2b. USPS Shipments:

USPS Priority shipping usually takes 3-5 days within the continental US, however USPS offers no guarantee on Priority shipping times.   Shipments to AK, HI, PR and the US VI generally take 3-5 days, however there is no guarantee.   USPS will not guarantee their performance on Priority shipments but they do seem to try to get it there on time most of the time. You will receive an email from them with your tracking number but please do not be alarmed if you track your package after 2 days and are told that they haven't picked it up yet. USPS doesn't do a very good job of updating tracking info and you will usually receive your package before their tracking info even indicates that they have picked it up from us. Please understand that USPS does not offer the conveniences for Priority shipments that UPS does. If your package is late, they will not refund your money (as UPS does). If your package goes missing, you are required to wait 21 days before the USPS will even look at a claim. If you ask us to re-ship the item to you, you must enter an entirely new order and pay for it again. If the original carton ever shows up, you must return it to us at your expense in order to get a refund and the shipping charges (both ways) are not refundable. Please understand that we make no profit on shipping charges at all. You pay the actual amount that the USPS charged to ship your order. If they goof up, we can't cover the loss for them. We hate to be so blunt about it but, if you select USPS as your shipper, you do so at your own risk.

USPS shipments for small packages that weigh 2 pounds or less are often less expensive than UPS ground and, for mid-West and West-coast customers, they often arrive much more quickly.

2c. Cheapest Shipping Method:
If you have selected a shipper that is more expensive than another (if UPS costs more than USPS or vise versa) we will select the least expensive shipping method for you.

3. Shipment Times:
Orders generally ship within 3-5 business days unless the info on the top of the check-out page indicates differently. Items that are not in stock are indicated on the product's page and usually show an approximate availability date somewhere close to the order button.

UPS does not pick-up on week-ends so orders placed after the cut-off time on Friday don't ship until Monday.   Giftwrap may delay your order by a day.

If you would like to know how long it will take for a UPS ground shipment to arrive before placing your order, please Click Here for a UPS Ground Shipping Time Chart.   UPS shipment times are guaranteed except during inclement weather and during the 2 week period just before Christmas.

Product Return Info  |  Broken Items  |  Contacting Us and Who We Are  |  Giftwrapping

Because our store is closing and merchandise has been reduced in price, We will not accept returned merchandise for any reason nor can we offer refunds. The only exception is if the merchandise was recieved broken.

In the event of breakage during shipment we will, at our option, refund or replace the item or refer you to the manufacturer, who will replace the item directly. In the event that shipping charges are refunded, we will refund ground shipping rates only. Orders that were shipped by air will be refunded an adjusted shipping amount that reflects the ground shipping rate.

2. Damaged Merchandise:
We pack shipments carefully and breakage is rare but, should any of your items arrive broken, please follow the instructions below for the shipper who delivered your order:

UPS Shipments:
Instructions are printed on the bottom of the invoice that accompanies your shipment.   If essence, you just need to call or email to let us know and we will file a claim with the UPS.   UPS will pick the item up, usually within a day, and we will ship a replacement.   Please do not ship damaged merchandise directly back to us or it may invalidate the claim.   You should pack the broken item back into the carton that you received it in, as well as all packing materials, and make sure to leave the shipping label on the package.

USPS Shipments:
In the event of breakage with your USPS-delivered shipment, please return the broken item to the shipping carton, along with all packing materials, and leave the shipping label on the carton. Please take the carton, along with the invoice for your order that was included with your shipment, to your local post office to file the claim. If the USPS requires any additional info, they will contact us directly. Please note that, if you prefer that we file the claim with the USPS, you will have to ship the broken item back to us at your expense. If you choose to do this, USPS requires that the shipping carton, along with the packaging materials and the shipping label remain intact so you will have to package the entire thing into a larger carton in order to ship it to us. We regret that the USPS has established these rules but have no control over their policies.

3. Contacting Us:
You'll find a link on the bottom of each product page to email us.   Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products or your order.   If you need to contact us quickly (perhaps if you have made a mistake on your order and need to correct it before it ships) please call us at 1-540-846-1772
Christmases Past
PO Box 1640
Gordonsville, VA 22942
Phone: (540)846-1772.
Email: [email protected]

Please Note: Our warehouse is not not open to the public. All orders ship from our warehouse. We're sorry but we do not offer a printed catalog because our products are constantly changing as new merchandise arrives and other items sell out.   We do update our site daily to keep product listings current but, especially since our merchandise is now reduced in price, we may sell out of an item before our website can be updated or we may not have the quantities that you have requested. If we do not have an item in your order, we will delete the item from your order. If we do not have the quantity that you have requested, we will adjust the quantity on your order and ship what we have.

We are a retail store only and do not wholesale.   Because we are a small store, we do not stock vast quantities of any particular item, nor do we manufacture any items.   If you need many of any particular item it would be best to call or email to check availability before ordering.

3. Coupons:
Because we are selling our products at marked down prices we cannot honor prior coupons.

Payment Options

Payment Methods  |  Credit Cards  |  Money Orders  |  Minimum Orders
Sales Tax

1. Payment Options:
1a. Credit Cards:
This is a Secure Site

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.   Your credit card information is safely encrypted with secure socket layer technology provided by Yahoo! Store.

We delete your credit card number from the Yahoo Store system after we have processed your order.   Yahoo's security features are the most technologically advanced available and there's really no need to delete your number but, if it gives our customers added peace of mind, we're happy to do it.

1b. Sorry, we are no longer accepting money orders or personal checks. We accept only credit cards for payment. If you would prefer to use Pay-Pal, please phone us at 1-540-846-1772 for instructions.

2. Minimum Orders:
Our store has a $10.00 order minimum because of the time that it takes to pack orders, process the paperwork and because of credit card fees that we pay.   We do have some items that are low in cost which can be ordered to reach the minimum.   On our Snowflakes and Icicle Ornament Page you'll find ornaments starting at $1.35.   Electric Flicker Bulbs are available at $2.99 for a package of 3.   We have a Star Candle Holder that sells for $.035.   We have an Ornament Stand for $1.99.   There's a Wood Violin Ornament for $1.99.   We have a wooden Nutcracker Pin for $1.95.   There are Miniature Snowman Pins for $1.00 which can be personalized.

3. Sales Tax:
All purchases from outside of the state of Virginia pay no sales tax.   Orders shipping to Virginia addresses pay 5% VA sales tax.

Customer Testimonials
Our customers say the nicest things...

I couldn't believe how fast I received my order! The giftwrapping was beautiful! ---Amy C., Port Royal, SC

The selection was the best! Price was perfect and shipping was very quick. I was so pleased with first order, I have placed another order! Thanks! ---Peggy C., Friday Harbor, WA

Nutcracker purchased was a Christmas present. Arrived packaged well and wrapped very nicely. Very nice to do business with ---Jennifer J., Huntsville, AL

I received the order only 2 days after my order was placed. Thanks for such great service! ---Margaux A., Midlothian, VA

Fast shipping and great customer service. The giftwrapping was done very well. Nice touch with the extra Mom pin. Thank you. ---Vincent L., Greenfield, WI


I am truly amazed at how quickly I received the item ordered and packed so well. I will shop here again. Thank you. Service was great, shipping was fast. Overall GOOD JOB! ---Donna A. Avenal, NJ

Very cordial. Very prompt. Thanks. ---Barbara P., Watertown, NY

This was my first order. It arrived quickly and well packed. Purely delighted with the merchandise. ---Mary S., Sterling, VA

ChristmasesPast is a pleasure to deal with... Very Helpful, Courteous and Knowledgeable. I will definately shop there again. ---Eileen D., Pliladelphia, PA

My order processed very quickly and I received my shipment faster than I expected. ---Sue S., Butler, WI

Wonderful place to get retired Department 56 items. The item that we ordered could only be found online and Christmases Past delivered as promised (actually sooner than we expected). Thank you for helping make the holidays special for my family. ---Karen B., Covington, GA

Fast Shipping! Excellent experience! Thanks! 5 Stars! ---Jarrod B., Monroe, LA

Terrific! Great Shopping experience with speedy delivery! Thanks! ---Jocelyn C., Windsor, OH

I purchased a santa (sight unseen) after a conversation with Fay (ChristmasesPast). Her description couldn't have been more accurate and I really love the santa! From my long history of internet purchasing from various websites (and never returning after initial purchases) I believe Fay and ChristmasesPast.com offer quality service and merchandise that would be hard to beat. I have recommended this site to others and I can say that is a first for me. Thank you, ---Eileen D., Philadelphia, PA

First time I have ordered from ChristmasesPast.com. I placed my order on Friday and the complete order was delivered on Monday, 3 days later! ---George K., Millsboro, DE


This was the only place we could find a certain type of Kurt S. Adler light. The order was complete and arrived in a short time. We would order from them again. Great job. ---Kathy D., Wauwatosa, WI

Staff at Christmases Past have always been courteous and helpful, responding promptly to emails and phone queries. I highly recommend them as a place to shop. ---Elnora W., Point Hope, AK

This was the best customer service I have ever gotten on the internet, over the phone or in a store. They went out of their way for me and I will always think of them first when I want ANY Christmas product. This is one satisfied customer. ---Judy S., Bath, NY

ChristmasesPast.com is a first class operations. ---John M., Clifton Park, NY

I was very surprised and very pleased to receive my order so fast. And it arrived in excellent condition. Thanks! ---Ann R., Easton, MD

The item I ordered was wonderful. It was very carefully packaged and received only days after it was ordered. Great company! I will order from them again! Thank you very much! ---Stephanie S., N.Tonawanda, NY

I absolutely love this star tree topper! It is just gorgeous! They packaged it carefully and it was in perfect condition when it arrived. It will truly make our Christmas bright! Thanks so much! ---Alesha K., Hattiesburg, MS

I ordered several glass ornaments and was very concerned about my order getting to me in good condition. They did a FANTASTIC job of packaging things- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ---Rina P., Woodstock, GA

Excellent transaction. Super fast delivery. Would highly recommend this merchant. I would definately reorder from ChristmasesPast.com again. ---Evelyn C., Blue Springs, MO

Shipping cost $4. less than another source on the web for the same piece! ---Deborah V., Corrales, NM


Great service. I received my package in a couple of days. ---Pam B., Marietta, GA

The transaction went very smoothly. I ordered on Monday night and on Wednesday when I came home from work the product I ordered was on my doorstep. I couldn't have asked for better service. ---Charles G., Mechaniscburg, PA

I was very pleased with the very speedy service. I really like my pin and snowgirl ornament. Thank you. ---Joy T., Fort Dodge, IA

Consistently excellent service and quality. The Barbie Dress is beautifully hand made with much attention to detail. Thank you. ---Eileen D., Philadelphia, PA

Right on time, goods as advertised. ---Marc G., Jacksonville, FL

They are a great and friendly company who ships promptly and gives incredible customer service! ---Adam N., San Diego, CA

Excellent: Timely and correct - Would recommend ---Roy S., Pleasanton, CA

I was very pleased to receive the products I ordered in such a short time. I wouldn't hesitate to order again. ---Jane C., Enfield, CT

I went ahead and got the free wrapping for a gift I purchased, figuring full well it would be horrible and I'd need to redo it. To my surprise the wrapping was beautiful. It will be one of the prettiest gifts under my tree this year! Thanks. ---Kathy M., Westfield, IN

Wonderful service, so helpful and pleasant! ---Patricia C., Glendale, AZ


Responded very quickly to my email questions. Shipped incredibly fast. Great experience! ---Christine K., Downers Grove, IL

I've ordered from Christmases Past several times and it's always a great experience. They're the first ones I look to when I'm ordering. ---Deborah V., Corrales, NM

5 Stars: The product was shipped very quick and the gift wrapped beautifully!!! Will use this store for future orders!! ---John H., Campbell Hall, NY

Great product, quick shipping, great comminucation! ---Cheryl P., West Chicago, IL

Very easy purchase-- Quick, safe delivery-- Excellent service. Many thanks! ---Angela T., Bethel, NC

The order was shipped quickly, received promptly and very well packed. I am extremely satisfied with the service. ---Lynn McD., Prior Lake, MN

They were very thoughtful. I originally ordered Next Day Air to try to get it here before Christmas. They made several attempts to contact me to let me know that it was very expensive to ship it that way and to let me know that they couldn't guarantee delivery before Christmas because the order was placed on December 23. They went out of their way to help me and make things right. I will definately order from them again. ---Kimberly J., Reedsport, OR

I was very pleased to have found the site with the help of my Yahoo search. ChristmasesPast.com has a great selection of hard to find items which helped my shopping needs. I had a question about my order and received a response within a short time. I'm very satisfied with this site and will shop there again. ---Carolyn O., Tonawanda, NY

ChristmasesPast.com deserves the best ratings. --If only women came with pull down menus and online help :) ---Markley G., Upper Darby, PA

I was having trouble finding exactly what I wanted and Christmases Past special ordered my items from the manufacturer. It also didn't take very long to get the items shipped to me. Everything was done beyond my satisfaction... And I didn't even have to email them about a tracking number. They emailed me before I could even think about it. ---Stephen R., Kennett, MO


I love the nutcracker. It arrived very quickly and was well wrapped in the packing. ---Connie G., Brownsville, TX

Delivered under short notice. Very responsive to questions. Good packaging. ---David S., San Jose, CA

I ordered my item and it arrived the next day. I was amazed and extremely happy with the customer service! I will definately order from them again! ---Lisa R., Marlton, NJ

The Snowbabies were carefully wrapped and the Christmas wrapping was the best looking under the tree. Thanks. ---Charles G., West Valley, UT

I was very pleased with my shopping experience. The shipment came much more quickly than I expected and everything I ordered was in stock. I would order from ChristmasesPast.com in the future without hesitation. ---Russel K., Washington, DC

I had made a mistake in putting the wrong shipping address on my order, so I left a phone message at the number listed on the website. The address was changed and the order was received at its destination way ahead of schedule. I would definately use ChristmasesPast.com again. ---Mary M., Redding, CA

Very impressive response. No problems whatsoever on two orders. Shipped out next day and sent the tracking number. You can't ask for more than that! ---Daniel B., Lunenburg, MA

Fast and courteous service, rapid ship and excellent site to shop in. Will revisit time and again!! ---Salvatore C., Washingtonville, NY

This was THE BEST service I have ever had with ordering merchandise! I got a prompt email concerning a question about the color I had ordered. I felt that I was being personally waited on. ---Jo Ann H., Athens, AL

Very quick shipping of all items ordered. UPS destroyed the shipping box and an ornament. They were very helpful and replaced the damaged ornament just as quickly as the first shipment went out. ---Scott K., Ocoee, FL

The order reached me in only a few days, packaged very well, and giftwrapped nicely. ---Carole A., Grey Eagle, MN


First experience shopping with ChristmasesPast.com and it was a very good one! Found what I wanted, ordered it and received it in a few days. Communication through emails was excellent! Highly recommend! ---Patricia K., State College, PA

I was very pleased with the ornament that I ordered for my son and he absolutely loved it! A very nice job with the free giftwrapping and card. Thanks again! ---Kelli D., Kane, PA

I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from ChristmasesPast.com. My gift arrived on time, beautifully wrapped, and packaged neatly with lots of extra care! Another great aspect, they don't charge a ridiculous flat shipping rate. They only charge based on the actual weight of your purchase. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate companies like yours! ---Christine D., Chesterfield, MO

Prompt emails and super fast shipping. I would recommend them to anyone. ---Mark U., Lincoln Park, MI

Very pleased, I would do business with them again. ---Henry D., Lynden, WA

Excellent... Product quality as expected. Shipment and delivery as expected. ---Rehab E., West Milford, NJ

I was very pleased with the experience and will definately shop there again. They communicate with the customer, acknowledging the order and when order was on its way for delivery. I appreciate the way they handled the transaction. My order was received in a short amount of time as well - that is a plus also. ---Eileen D., Philadelphia, PA

Everything came quickly and was perfect. I think that it's a geat website! ---Lauren D., Essington, PA

Great representation of product and fast service. Would recommend to anyone. ---Jerry W., Arnold, MO

Very easy...great packaging...thanks so much. ---Tina C., Holiday, FL


Unique treasures to purchase. Items for person hard to buy for. Replied very fast to my email. Pleasure to do business with. Thanks. ---Mary, Baltimore, MD

The best retailer I have ever dealt with online! Thanks! ---Teresa S., Allentown, NJ

The ordering process was easy, the products came quickly and everything was well packed and intact. Can't ask for more than that! ---Russel K., Washington, DC

The prices were fantastic! I got the package before I expected it - which is always good :-) The giftwrapping was very nicely done - a very caring and personal touch. I will definately use them again!!! ---Mary D., Garden Grove, CA

The transaction was very smooth. Great job! ---Charles H., Port Chester, NY

So fast I couldn't believe it! Shipped with great protective wrapping. ---Sara W., Woodbridge VA

I was impressed with the ease of placing my order and the personal attention I received. I will definately return. ---Alice G., Charleston, WV

I ordered for the very first time and was thrilled with the experience. Great email communications about the status of my order. I'll definately order from their site again!! ---Tina M., Jamestown, NC

The help I received from Christmases Past was amazing. They happened to be out of the product that I ordered but let me know this in 15 minutes. They helped me select something else and were in constant contact with me all that day. Mind you, I was ordering on Dec. 21st so I'm sure they were extremely busy during this time. I have NEVER seen such wonderful service from a web merchant. They have a lifelong customer in me. ---Doyce B., Sulphur Springs, TN

Quick delivery time. Items were packaged and wrapped beautifully. All receipts and paperwork in order and very well organized. I would definately love to shop there again in the future. ---Kelly V., Astoria, NY


Considerate and helpful customer service. Item was carefully packaged for shipping. ---Janice S., Columbus, OH

Second time I have done business with them and I continue to be very pleased. ---Kelly H., Bedford, NH

Wonderful communication. Merchandise sent on time and arrived in great shape. Will definately do business here again. Thanks so much for having this web site. ---Kathleen S., Rochester, MN

When my box arrived, it had a HUGE dent in it and I fully expected my treasure would be smashed to smithereens! NOT SO! They are superb packers! Kudos to them! ---Dixie L., Friendswood, TX

Great site! I really appreciated the shipping confirmation w/ tracking number... makes the ordering process so much nicer! ---Danielle H., Shakopee, MN

I have never had better service! Christmases Past emailed me in a matter of minutes, had my merchandise packed and ready for pick-up within a couple of hours and this was on a Sunday! Received well packaged merchandise on Tuesday - everything I ordered! This is a first class place of business. I will not hesitate doing business with them again. ---Patty M., Hughesville, MD


Best place on the web to buy a wide variety of gifts, etc. Super service and quality is just part of the treatment you will receive. I highly recommend. If customers start here I guarantee they will be back and not need to look elsewhere!! Thank you.---Eileen D., Philadelphia, PA

Item in excellent condition. Great communication!! A+ Shipping. Will purchase from them again!!!! ---Teresa S., Lily, KY

I have been amazed at the incredible customer service provided by Christmases Past. I was in contact with them regarding shipping options and availability of a product. I received very quick, friendly, informative responses. They have a wide variety of ornaments which are reasonably priced. My order was very attractively and securely packaged and shipped quickly. I can't say enough about this company and wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend them to anyone. Actually, I have already told friends about them. It was a pleasure doing business with them.---Cheryl McK., Parma, OH

I received my order via UPS yesterday & am pleased with everything. Your service has been efficient & polite... with prompt emails informing me of my order status & a quality product... the free gift wrap is also nice. I will be a returning customer.---Victoria P., Winnabow, NC

If you had a rating above excellent my vote would always be there when it comes to service and quality both the people and products are heads above all others in their category.---Eileen D., Philadelphia, PA

ChristmasesPast.com Is The Very Best place for ordering online. Very friendly, very helpful, very fast shipping. They ordered special items for me that I wanted and that is something you do not find very often. I will always order items that I want from ChristmasesPast.com-they have a customer for life in me.---Patty M., Hughesville, MD

Couldnt get any better... from the time I hit the site to the time I received my purchase, only one word comes to mind....EXCELLENT!---Barbara F., Bettendorf, IA

Best Online Retailer for Dept.56. You cant go wrong with this retailer - the selection, price and customer service is outstanding. I cant recommend this online seller enough.---Keith H., Atlanta, GA

The only place to buy with confidence on the web!! There is a plethora of products to choose from and you can be sure if Christmases Past carries it the quality goes without saying!! ---Eileen D., Philadelphia, PA

I was impressed by how fast the order came. Also, everyone that looks at the locks including two antique dealers thought they were the genuine article. One of them looks great on the treasure chest that we built. Thanks muchly!---Roger S., Burton, MI


I was very happy with my purchases. The delivery was great too. I would recommend this sight to others!---Jennifer R., New Hyde Park, NY

Great personal calls to remind me of special events. Fast service, excellent packing and shipping done with much care. The store is a joy to visit, however I am seven hours away, so shop mostly by e-mail for my signed nutcrackers. I am amazed they keep such a good record of my interests and let me know about specials!---Evelyn F., Wyoming, PA

This was the second time I ordered from Christmases Past. Both times I ordered something that was extremely fragile and the pieces arrived in perfect condition. I was very happy with my dealings with Christmases Past and I have recommended them to my friends and family. Their delivery was also very prompt.---Carol G., Gardner, MA

Fast shipping, user friendly site. Bravo!---Heather C., Long Beach, CA

They responded in several minutes to my special request. They have done above and beyond my order, by deciding how best to ship my special requests and my current orders. They were curteous and extremely friendly. Thanks for continual incredible service you have always provided me.---Melissa R., Belleview, WA

Greatest Seasonal Online Shop. This is the best place on the Internet to order your seasonal collectibles. Youll be glad that you did - I highly recommend this retailer - you wont find another better.---Keith H., Atlanta, GA

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